Destiny Series Books SINGLES $10.00:

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Spirit of Holiness: Mantle of the Bride  $12.95

Releasing the Spirit of Might DVD Message $8.00

4 set Destiny Series $30.00

1. Scriptural Evidence for Women in Ministry
2. Walking Out Destiny
3. Fully Equipped and Qualified
4. The Bridal Heart

The Ayin Of God DVD and Booklet $15.00

Commanded to Walk... the Journey - $12.95

Spirit of Might: Mantle of the Miraculous  $12.95

Releasing the Spirit of Might DVD $8.00

Chosen for Blessing
~Restoration After the Curse $12.95

7 Spirits Before the Throne $12.95

DVD Fall Regional Conference -
7 Spirits Before the Throne $8.00

Preparing for Your Destiny DVD $8.00

Contending for the Faith $8.00
DVD Seven Spirits...
Spirit of Might $12.95
4-Set Destiny Series

Going the Distance by Cherie Burger
A 36-page power-packed, insightful book. $12.95

The Holy Spirit by Cherie Burger
A 24-page, biblically-based study on the Holy Spirit. $12.95

The Ayin  $15
The Eye of God 2010 DVD  with the Hebrew booklet hand out.

Contending for the Faith  $8

Scriptural Evidence for Women in Ministry
(2) DVD’s for $15

Sabbath Refreshing Conference
(2) DVD’s for $15
• The Breath of God
• The Talith the Secret

DVDs Scriptural Evidence for Women in Ministry
Spirit of Holiness

Discerning of Spirits Handbook PAPERBACK

5.5 X 8.5

Chosen for Blessing

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NEW RELEASE! The Holy Spirit EXPANDED version

Loose leaf or spiral-bound, 65-page book perfect for personal or group study. $20.00 plus shipping

Spirit of Might DVD
Seven Spirits Before the Throne

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DVDs: Releasing the Spirit of Might

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